...By His Stripes we are Healed.   Isaiah 53:5


We have decided to include recent testimonies of the healing power of Jesus Christ as an encouragement to those who are ill and weary from fighting the disease in their bodies, minds and spirit.

Everywhere Jesus went he healed people and His healing power is still alive today! Come and join us for prayer in the Ventura Healing Room.

Cancer Diagnosis Changed
I had already been diagnosed with cancer.  The day I had another biopsy, I wanted prayer before the sample hit the lab.  When I went in for the results of the biopsy, the cancer was gone!  

Ovarian Cysts Healed
I have had ovarian cysts for 7 years, after being prayed for I found out Monday that I have been healed. The excessive bleeding I was experiencing is also completely gone. 
Also the power of prayer changed my boyfriend’s heart so that both he and I can now be sexually pure. Thanks be to Jesus!
- Jennifer

Breast Lump Gone 
I came to the healing room and Jesus touched me. The momography test was redone and there was nothing there from before when they had seen a large lump.
- Esperanza

Closer to the Lord
I came for prayer and I felt so close to the Lord in the prayer room. The love I received helped me get a spiritual healing.
- Melinda

Mother Out of Coma 
I came to stand-in in prayer for my mother who has been very sick. After a routine surgery my mother went into a coma, miraculously she came out of the medical crisis and has been doing much better.
- Mark

Back Healed
I came to the Healing Room believing that God can heal but prepared to be healed through spinal fusion after two doctors told me I needed surgery. When I received prayer I physically felt something incredible rush through my body, not like anything I have ever felt before. I knew Gods had touched my back. My legs immediately got stronger. I saw the surgeon mid week- my reflexes were so good it was decided there would be no need for surgery. I told everyone I knew about God's healing power.
- Sally

Pelvis and Back Healed 
About two months ago I fell and hurt my tailbone badly. I was in a lot of pain especially when trying to ride my motorcycle or getting up from a sitting position. I came to the healing rooms and received prayer for that problem and some emotional issues.
My doctor wanted me to get a body scan because he saw damage possibly a growth on my pelvic bone. Right after receiving prayer I had the body scan done and they found absolutely nothing! The pain quickly went away after prayer and I am fine now. Praise God! My emotional pain is leaving too and I am growing in God.
- Jeanne

Neck Healed 

I received prayer for my neck. I had been in extreme pain for days and had been treated by the doctor many times with no relief. Within minutes while the prayer team was praying I received a significant release from pain. In the the days that followed I continued in prayer over things the Holy Spirit had showed me during the prayer session in the healing rooms. I was completely healed in days! No pain ever since. The Lord is so good!
- Barbie 

Finance Changes 

I came to get prayer for finances. I was really at a low point. Out of the clear blue I got a letter from the State of California that said I was owed money from an employer I had worked for 13 years ago! The State is sending me a check. God really does provide!
- Linda 

Excruciating Pain Gone 

On the left side of my sacrum where it meets the hip it was slipping out of alinement. Since receiving prayer this has not happened. The pain was excrucating and almost unbearable. Now it's gone. Jesus Heals You Now!!
- Victoria 

Shoulder Healed 
I came to the healing room for prayer for my right shoulder and hand. I had surgery in 2001 to repair a torn rotor cuff. After surgery I was never the same. I always had pain in my shoulder. I  avoided any task that required me to use my arm. After being prayed for my shoulder pain left and has not returned. I have started to use my arm much more than I did before. Jesus and the healing rooms have done more for me than I can ever express in words! 

- Larry

January 21, 2016
God massively delivered me here today.  Somehow in a traumatic/argument over the last few days, I knew the enemy was coming at me in a major way.  I felt like I was going to need a lot of work.  I was amazed a God's awesome strong presence here tonight. The ministers took such a hard line against fear/anxiety that they strengthened me to stand against them so that Jesus could close the door.  God spoke to me through the Prayer servant and just cut through the whole problem and got me rightly lined up.  God delivered me with such ease.  

Neck and Back Healed
I came into the Ventura Healing Rooms for the first time last week.  I had neck and back pain.  I was prayed over and I experienced a complete healing as the day progressed.

Kidney's Changed
I went to the doctor because I have problems with my kidneys. He was amazed how well I'm healing. I believe God moved through the prayer I received here at the Healing Rooms. I tears I shed after receiving prayer are flushing the garbage out and replacing it with God's healing joy.
- Liz

Now I Can Walk!

I came to the healing room because I had a great deal of pain. I was walking like a robot because they removed my gall bladder. After the operation I was down to 76 lbs. The pain was greatest when I tried to walk and move around. After prayer I stood up and began walking normally without pain. Thank You Jesus!
- Sandra

Eyes Healed

In the summer, the ophthalmologist noticed a smnall growth on my eyelid. She measured it carefully and asked to see me again in 3 months. I received prayer in the Healing Rooms and believed that God was in total control and that he would heal me. The tumor grew quite a bit larger by the next check-up and the prognosis was cancer. The doctor scheduled an appointment to remove the growth which would include taking the tumor and surrounding tissue out. I asked for a biopsy rather than going right to the surgery. The doctor's exact words to me were: I have never seen one like this that wasn't cancer;" however she did the biopsy and found that there were no cancer cells at all. I was elated and praised God, but he had more. I had postponed my eye exam because there was a chance the surgery could alter my vision. I promptly went for the exam because I noticed my glasses weren't working for me. What I learned was not only had God prevented the growth on my eyelid from being cancer but I now have 20/20 vision and no astigmatism!
- Katy

I'm Twenty-Two Again
I recently received prayer at the Healing Room. The lady who led the prayer team had been to a recent prayer training where they taught about curses against Viet Nam soldiers. Buddhist monks prayed daily that our soldiers would always have a sense of wandering and an angry spirit. The team prayed that the Lord would remove the curses. Immediately I began to feel better. The constant pain that I had lived with for so long left my body and now I feel like I'm 22 again
- Ernie

Back Healed 
I was given an epidural in my low back and it went terribly wrong. I was unable to sit, walk and among other symptoms had to go to the bathroom about every 20 minutes due to nerve damage in my back. The doctors prescribed the strongest pain medication possible. I slept about 3 hours a night.
I came to the healing rooms for prayer and the Lord immediately healed me. I had been unable to work or live a decent life for a year and one half and now I am free! The Lord does heal!
- Sandy 

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