...By His Stripes we are Healed.   Isaiah 53:5


What Is A Healing Room? 

Divine healing in modern times can be traced to the continent of Europe.  During the early nineteenth century, Johannes Christopher Blumhardt pastored a congregation in Mottlingen, Germany. One of his parishioners had become possessed by demons and Blumhardt was determined to see this woman restored to health. Blumhardt prayed for this woman for a full two years, through prayer and fasting, the demon left and the woman’s health was restored. This experience left such a powerful impression on Blumhardt that he developed a healing home for the mentally and spiritually sick. The popularity of the “healing home” model flourished and continued until after World War I in Germany.

The idea of a healing room or healing home in America started in the early 1900’s after the Azusa Revival. Alexander Dowie who was present at the Azusa Revival started healing homes in the Chicago area with astounding results. John G. Lake started the healing room movement in Spokane in 1914.

The ministry of John G. Lake in Spokane, Washington is a powerful testimony to the fact that physical healing is part of the Christian life.  Lake believed that Spirit-filled Christians should be able to have the same type of healing ministry that Jesus had while He was on earth. Lake took the concept of Healing Homes that was described earlier and established a Healing Room in Spokane. Over 100,000 astounding miracles of healing were reported in the Spokane area within a 6-year period.  During the period of Lake’s ministry the United States Government declared Spokane, to be the healthiest city in America.

The Healing Rooms in Spokane were reopened in 2000, under the leadership of Cal and Michelle Pierce. Our current healing rooms model is based on the biblical teachings of John G. Lake. Healing Room Directors train in Spokane under Cal Pierce’s direction. There are currently over 350 healing rooms throughout the world affiliated with the International Healing Rooms Association in Spokane.

Does Healing Prayer Really Work? 

Yes! Please allow us a moment to brag about Jesus. In the past year we have seen several miraculous healings including the healing of a heart aneurysm, cancer, liver disease and many others. Deliverances from addictions to alcohol, smoking, etc. are becoming commonplace. In the healing room nothing is too big for Jesus. Some healings are instantly seen; while others require prayer over a number of sessions. The healing room pray-ers are simply doing what Jesus wants us to do. Jesus is the healer.

Why Aren’t You Open More Hours? 

The key component to being open more hours is the number of people who have the desire and training to pray in the healing room setting. We look forward to being open more hours as the Lord leads.

How Long Has The Ventura Healing Rooms Been Operating? 

The Ventura Healing Rooms has been in existence since October 2002. We started in one small room at Ventura First Assembly with 5 people committed to learning how to pray for healing and have grown into a team of 35 people trained and ready to do the Lord’s work.

Is Healing Only For The Physical Body? 

God is up to some interesting things! It seems as if the Lord is making our Healing Room a special center for people who need prayer for their brains. We are learning how to pray for Attention Deficit Disorder problems and have seen Jesus do wonderful things to heal these brain problems.

Many people have also visited the Healing Room to receive prayer for inner healing as well as to receive generational deliverance. The Lord continues to teach the team more about praying for healing in these areas.

Ventura Healing Rooms
Avenue Community Church
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Hours of Operation
Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:30pm

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