...By His Stripes we are Healed.   Isaiah 53:5


When Jesus healed the sick, He demonstrated "The Kingdom of God is at Hand".  Jesus is doing the same thing today through the Ventura healing Rooms.   Bodies are being healed. souls and spirits are being set free.  People are able to live victorious lives.  We would appreciate you Prayerfully consider investing in the work of the Ventura Healing Rooms.  

The Ventura Healing Rooms is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization and is fully supported by your Donations. Your tax deductible donation impacts many lives.  Click on the Donate button above and follow the prompts.  Your Generous Gifts are very appreciated.

You may use the PayPal button above, or send checks to

Ventura Healing Rooms - PO Box 289 - Ventura, CA. 93002

Blessings to you and Your Family.

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